Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flat Kim

Kim posted that she wished she could be flat Kim and see the cone... We made that happen!! And my oh my was she BUSY today!!

First stop was an acrobatic show... The Red Trousers.

And along the way we found this cute couple!

And Obama...

She joined us in our Blingalicious celebration!!

Kim with a solo shot with the cone! (and Reese's cat!)

She visited Clifford!

She signed up for Directv :)

And Piper wanted her pic too!

Kim tried out a nursing career!

Kim got into the Hawkeye spirit!! :)

Then we snacked... Dipping' Dots!

Caramel Apples...

Fresh Iowa Corn!

After all that food she worked out!!

...and took a shower.

We played on the park.

It was an amazing day at the fair!! Thanks for joining us, Flat Kim!!

Sadly, Flat Kim wanted to party it up with Rascal Flats and "jumped" off the Sky Ride... Hallie was DEVASTATED... But we assured her Kim had a fabulous day!!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

I found this when I opened my computer to work ;)

More Halloween festivites :)

We went to the Ernzen's Halloween Party.  It was super fun :)  The girls love the face painting, jump house, magician, balloons, crafts and more.
Roll call:
Ryan- Manning
Candi- Runner
Hallie- Rockstar
Reese- Belle (Christmas Belle to be specific)
Piper- Tinkerbell

I will post our trick or treat pictures another time with my mobile uploads :)